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A patient satisfies diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia if the following 3 conditions are met: 1. Widespread pain index (WPI) ≥ 7 and symptom severity. Light and noise sensitivities​ are common symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Learn what treatments are available, and how to cope. Preparing for Questions · What symptoms have been experienced? · How would you describe the pain? · How long have these symptoms existed? · What makes the symptoms.

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Jan 6, - Explore Debbie Valentine's board "Fibromyalgia symptoms checklist" on Pinterest. See more ideas about fibromyalgia symptoms, fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia has multiple, varied and fluctuating symptoms. It should be considered when a patient describes chronic musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and poor. Fibromyalgia is a name given to a group of symptoms marked by generalised pain and muscle stiffness. These symptoms can be felt in all different areas of.

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Medline ® Abstract for Reference 38 of 'Fibromyalgia in children and adolescents: FES, STIP, Child Behavior Checklist, and Symptom ChecklistRevised. Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria · Pain and symptoms based on the total number of painful areas of the body (potentially 18).¹ · Fatigue¹ · Unproductive sleep¹. A cycle of care is a checklist for reviewing a worsening of other Fibromyalgia symptoms.